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 New GDP Calculation

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PostSubject: New GDP Calculation   July 31st 2013, 10:08 am

The government has decided to redefine the gross domestic product (GDP) making things a bit more rose colored. Recall the GDP was suppose to indicate the US's real production. Some call it the fictitious GDP. The changes are said to make the GDP grow by 3%. That'll help to delay the official onset of a recession (2 quarters with a neg GDP)..

So research and development (normally a sizable business expense) and entertainment (movies, television shows, theater, books) will now add value to the US GDP. And the way things are going these may be the main drivers of future.

Another huge rose colored offset is the all important debt to GDP which is currently at 105% will now drop by 3%. With all this good news the US should be getting it's AAA investment risk rating back. Rolling Eyes 
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PostSubject: Re: New GDP Calculation   August 2nd 2013, 7:56 pm

Every figure published now is a lie. CPI inflation is a lie. They say they're cutting spending, in translation that means we'll cut future debt spending. The reality the total debt keeps rising. They say defense is only 21% of the federal spend. The reality is that its 60% of all federal spend is military, defense, and security.

They take the 15.3% employees and employers pay for SS and Medicare, then state it's an entitlement and it's bankrupting the country. No these programs are fine, except for the fraud, if they left the money alone and didn't steal the money to use on defense and other discretionary spend, we'd have trillions in surplus. But no they've raped this programs over decades now, and don't want to pay us back the money we put into it.

They stole $700 billion from Medicare to pay for Obama care. Pay outs that would have normally come from Medicare from 2013 to 2022 are now tossed over to pay for new spending in Obama care.

Accounting like the federal government does can only work in government, as in the private sector it s called a ponzi scheme.
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New GDP Calculation
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