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 Small business

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PostSubject: Small business    July 2nd 2016, 2:54 pm

So a friend of mine, my mechanic, plus a friend of his started a business a year ago. It tests diesel injectors that are from common rail fuel systems, or Cummins, Duramax, Catapillar, 6.7L PowerStrokes... it started off slow because the test machine software was flawed but eventually it got fixed and slowly built up business but a few months ago when it was on the verge of breaking even business feel off a cliff.

My friend is swamped with his auto shop work, I'm busy from my work and the other guy is also busy. We hired a girl to do some personal visits to mechanic shops around town but she didn't put much into it(been let go now) and we don't know anyone else to do the door to door sales right now. I have been posting on Craigslist which is where most of our initials sales came from but since it has shifted to local business vs out of state. Our first sales were actually out of Kansas and Colorado.

With a lack of personal time to do I person sales I'm thinking of doing mailings to businesses around Lubbock and nearby cities but worried it may be a waste of money. I also don't put much stock in advertisements like the Thrifty Nickel and Texas Monthly is crazy expensive.

Any suggestions from the more experienced crowd for a low cost boost?

Reysinjectorservice.com is our website.
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PostSubject: Re: Small business    July 4th 2016, 9:36 pm

I'm definitely not "the more experienced crowd" but have you considered running ads on forums that cater to diesels like Turbo Diesel Register (Cummins). No idea what the ads would cost but it might be worth a shot. I also wouldn't overlook mailings (targeted to service managers at dealerships) either or for that matter, visits to dealers (especially dealers that are more truck oriented) when time permits. You might also consider truckstops that have their own service departments as well as independent repair shops.

I'm no expert but the website looks good to me- clear and concise. Maybe you could talk to the people at Go Daddy about things you could do (keywords etc.) so your website gets ranked higher on search engines. Good luck!
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Small business
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