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 Model Train

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PostSubject: Model Train   April 28th 2016, 11:05 am

1st Person Lego Train Ride

Quote :
Seeing the perspective of a model train is way, way more fun than it should be. About 160 feet of Lego train tracks were laid out around this guy’s house, through the inside of home, next to his pets, and beyond. The tracks went outside too, winding all over his garden in the front yard, under the wooden fence, and onto the wild grasslands of the backyard. And we get to see the entire ride from the Lego toy train’s perspective. It’s like being on a journey in Toy Story, seeing the different environments of a house from a tiny point of view in massively fun way.

Even better, here’s the blooper reel where the train runs into a frog, tips over on some turns, and hits a puddle flood:

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Model Train
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