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 War on Cash

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PostSubject: War on Cash   May 19th 2015, 12:39 pm

A new meme has picked up steam in the last few weeks. Mentions in the press and by economists across the EU and US.


Getting rid of cash allows the government to tax and seize at will. Civil forfeiture now doesn't require a physical altercation. Banks run empty, again no problem. Your viewed by the bank as a "creditor".

Think they can't do it? Healthcare. Done it. Confiscated all gold in 1934. Done it. Confiscated bank accounts in Cyprus. Done it. About to do the same in Greece. The question is not if it will happen. The question is who's next on the list?

This plays right into the Open Banking Resolution (OBR) spoken about here...

Not if its when. And the dumb American people will go right along with whatever scheme the power-structure presents on the podium.

Knock knock Greece, we're here to help. Smile

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Diesel Dan


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PostSubject: Re: War on Cash   May 19th 2015, 2:47 pm

Personally I've thought that main commerce will be done with digital money for years.
Just a matter of when. It will never be 100% with bartering and the likes but hard currency will be a thing of the past eventually.

Not saying I'm for it, just that I can see it happening.
Same with all vehicles having real time data tracking via On-Star etc made mandatory by law.
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War on Cash
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