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 Indictment: Bosnian immigrants plotted over Facebook

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PostSubject: Indictment: Bosnian immigrants plotted over Facebook   February 9th 2015, 5:18 pm


Homegrown terrorists.  Media states that many times over.  Not homegrown.  Brought here so that the problem can be manufactured, and amazingly there's a government solution.  The civil liberty shredding US Patriot Act.  Of which was just resigned indefinitely. The NSA spying on communications with no oversight or anything to limit it. It's like telling a thief to limit the take from the bank. Just the one's, not the twenty, hundreds, safety deposit boxes....

Think for a moment if the US didn't invite, bring, and allow these people to come here by the thousands.  The country would be safer, with little to any tax dollars spent, however government can't increase its power and authority if there isn't a symptom.  Nor can it gen up emotional support if there aren't compelling events. We used to have immigration laws that didn't allow the current ethic percentages of the entire population to be changed by immigration.  This would prevent a permanent change to the country's tradition and heritage and limit problems like such to get way out of hand.

A vast majority of people we bring here now wouldn't qualify for residency or citizenship in most western societies, yet our country bends over backwards to bring tens of thousands of them year.  From all these countries we're bombing, we're getting thousands of refugees from all of them year after year.

This is a self fulfilling prophecy of which the government uses to combat "homegrown" terrorism, be more intrusive into your life, gain visibility, control, and authority.  If they bring enough of them here, X% don't like us, that's a given and this percentile simply use any mechanism to get into the country as a vehicle to carry out whatever it is they want to do.  Without us bombing them, and then bringing them here, much if not all of the situation simply doesn't occur.
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Indictment: Bosnian immigrants plotted over Facebook
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